Can I Stain the Base a Different Color?

 Yes, we are happy to create a finish that are trying to obtain. Custom paint and stain colors are available. 

How do you care for the ZInc Top?

 You can use any non harsh household cleaner. We suggest windex and apply liquid wax as needed. 

Does the Zinc Continue to Age?

 Yes, that's what makes zinc so beautiful, is that it continues to keep aging. Zinc will tend to get darker and patina in its own unique way. 

Do all Zinc Tables require a Seam?


No, we can make rectangular tables up to 9.5 feet and 54" wide without a seam.

Our round tables can be made up to 60" without a seam.

What is Your Lead Time?

 Our lead time depends on the item you are ordering. But is generally 1-6 weeks . Rush orders may be available at additional cost. 

Can I pick up my Item?

Yes, our workshop is located in Bradenton, FL . Please call to set up an appointment time 


Triple Trestle Copper Top

One of our unique and popular designs. Copper is an stunning surface/ 

Zinc Top with French Elegant Design

French Elegant design. 

Do the Tables Have Sharp Edges?

No, they do not. We weld all of our corners and hem the edges therefore there are no sharp corners or edges at all. 

Perfect for Outdoor Environments

Zinc is the perfect material for the outdooor areas of your home or commercial space. 

Round Copper Surface

All designs are available in round or oval designs to fit your needs. .

Perfect for Every Decor

Rustic, modern or transitional, these tables fit and blend perfectly into any design or space.


Custom table designs with zinc, copper, concrete and more.